Structural Dynamics

Resonate delivers a range of structural dynamics and vibration related design, mitigation and measurement services.

Our services include:

  • Static and dynamic load testing of structures including bridges, buildings and wharves. Testing includes the measurement of parameters such as strain, displacement, acceleration, tilt and temperature
  • Structural fatigue and serviceability investigations, including diagnostic testing of static and dynamic mechanisms
  • Temporary or long-term structural monitoring systems, real-time and online
  • Diagnostic engineering utilising advanced measurement techniques, including experimental modal analysis
  • Finite Element Modelling for assessing structural vibration, structural stiffening and mass and damping modifications
  • Static and dynamic measurements for the verification of finite element models
  • Vibration isolation design, specification and verification testing for applications including railway track forms, buildings and machinery
  • Tuned mass damper, tuned liquid damper specification and design
  • Site evaluation, risk assessment and design for low-vibration requirements in vibration sensitive spaces, including Electron Microscope/Nanotechnology centres
  • Construction vibration management plans and measurements of construction impacts on adjacent uses
  • Attended and long-term unattended vibration monitoring
  • Blasting vibration prediction, measurement and assessment
  • Design and control of vibration in data centres
  • Control of vibration in marine vessels
  • Vibration assessments for road and rail corridors
  • Piling assessments and measurements
  • Control of vibration from mechanical plant

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