Resonate provides a full range of marine services for in particular, underwater and terrestrial noise and vibration from offshore developments, where minimising the impact upon the marine environment is becoming increasingly important to regulators and the community. Resonate also provide consulting services for ship noise and vibration control as well as structural dynamics.

Services include:

  • Underwater noise background monitoring
  • Underwater noise logging to determine long-term trends in the underwater noise environment
  • Noise modelling for offshore developments; including construction and operational phases
  • Assessment of potential underwater noise impacts and management measures as part of environmental impact statements
  • Compliance monitoring and comparison against assessment criteria
  • Advanced signal processing
  • Noise and vibration propagation modelling
  • Ship noise, vibration and structural dynamics
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) analysis and presentation
  • Environmental impact assessment studies / reports
  • Management plans
  • Peer review
  • Community and stakeholder consultation
  • Environmental approvals negotiation and advisory
  • Government policy and/or guideline development
  • Expert evidence
  • Research

Resonate has in-house underwater noise logging equipment that can be placed on site for long periods to determine trends in the background environment and to determine the contribution of underwater noise sources relative to the background environment.

Resonate staff have held expert roles on the Ichthys Project Dredging Expert Panel (NT) for underwater acoustics and the development of the Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) Underwater Piling Noise Guidelines (SA).

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