Government Policy & Training

Government road noise policy – advising and training

Resonate Consultant’s acoustic engineering team have been a key contributor and advisor to various government agencies nationally in relation to policy and guideline development. In particular, vibration and road noise policy advisory.

Our noise policy advisory has spanned the following areas:

  • Road noise policy and vibration
  • MBS 010 Construction requirements for the control of external sound (Plan SA)
  • Noise mitigation including facade treatments
  • Noise and vibration from rail infrastructure
  • Construction noise and vibration
  • Underwater noise impacts on marine mammals
  • Building code specifications for new developments sited near road or rail infrastructure
  • State planning policy
  • Council development plans
  • Community and stakeholder consultation
  • Regulation impact statements

Additionally, we have provided superior acoustic consulting and training to state and local government agencies as well as at public seminars as part of a local government initiative to assist the public to understand road noise policy and the various mitigation techniques available for residents living within a vibrant city environment.

As an innovative acoustic engineering firm, we have also developed an award winning community engagement tool to help predict project noise. Discover more about AuralEyes.

We pride ourselves on our fast response and accurate acoustic services. If you work for a government department, please contact us to discuss your needs.

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