Mining, Oil & Gas

Gas and mining vibration monitoring and acoustics

The experienced team of acoustic consultants at Resonate Consultants provide specialist vibration monitoring and acoustic services to mining, oil and gas industries.

This includes modelling, compliance monitoring, investigations, community and stakeholder consultation and advisory across all mining project phases from pre-feasibility to operation and maintenance.

Mining vibration monitoring and acoustic services

  • Environmental impact studies
  • Long term monitoring of drilling operations
  • Construction assessment and monitoring
  • Tender performance specification review and testing
  • Review of tender submissions
  • Mitigation design and testing
  • Complaints investigation
  • Mining vibration monitoring
  • Expert evidence
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Source characterisation (eg sound power testing)
  • Government policy and training
  • Community and stakeholder consultation
  • Structural dynamics
  • Noise or vibration control
  • Infrasound studies and advisory


As a leading acoustic engineering firm, we have worked on many high profile mining, oil and gas projects and aided in the design of:

  • Coal and gas fired power stations
  • Open cut and underground mines and associated access including haul routes and rail line loading/unloading
  • Pipelines
  • LNG Plants and pipelines
  • Upstream and downstream CSG facility construction and operation
  • Gas field drilling and maintenance operations including flaring, pigging and fracking
  • CSG water treatment plants


Mining project profiles

Rex Minerals Hillside Mine (SA)

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