Environmental Policy

At Resonate, our teams work in our local communities daily and our work directly impacts the environment. We are passionate about safeguarding the environment around us. We ensure our teams are briefed on our Environmental Policy.

The Environmental Policy (EP) has been set to achieve a high standard of environmental care while conducting activities in our offices and facilities, in others’ offices or workshops, or in the field.


  • Comply with all environmental laws and related regulations or environmental approvals applicable to work sites and work conducted by the company.
  • Where there is no applicable environment law or regulation, apply standards applied by the company‚ it’s clients for work conducted on their work sites to minimise the potential for any adverse environmental impacts (e.g. washing of vehicles prior to moving from one site to another).
  • Comply with all external client environmental policies or directives.
  • Ensure that all staff and subcontractors to the Company are aware of this policy and their environmental responsibilities.
  • Communicate with Government and Clients to achieve the best, most cost effective environmental solution in all projects undertaken by the Company.
  • Communicate with Government, the community and technical associates to contribute to the research and development of best practice environmental policies, legislation, regulations, codes and guidelines that will enhance sustainable development and the services provided to our clients.

How we achieve this

Some of the ways in which we are environmentally responsible include:

  • the use of GoGet car sharing service nationally
  • choosing to offset carbon emissions for national and international air travel
  • office sharing with energy efficient company offices
  • using a cloud based storage system which reduces the infrastructure and power associated with servers, reduces the need for accessories such as personal hard drives or memory sticks and enables flexible working conditions
  • paperless offices nationally
  • encouraging employees to turn off computers and screens overnight
  • consideration of products that have a lower environmental impact and those which are GECA approved
  • use of environmentally friendly and socially responsible cleaning products in all offices
  • recycling of batteries in all offices
  • separation of waste for recycling in all offices
  • use of “Who Gives A Crap” bamboo toilet paper, tissues & hand towel where required
  • all team members provided with a keep cup and drink bottle to encourage the reduction of personal food waste

It is the responsibility of all staff and subcontractors to implement and adhere to the Environmental policy.

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