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Australian vibration monitoring and acoustic services

Resonate Consultants are leading the way in providing a diverse range of noise and vibration monitoring services from our offices based in Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne.

Why would you contact Resonate Consultants?

You may be experiencing noise or vibration issues such as:

  • community, compliance and regulation requirements
  • constant noise or vibrations as part of your industry, project or workspace due to machinery, equipment, traffic, transport, infrastructure or other sources of vibration in close proximity
  • your building structure appears to have been affected by nearby construction work
  • purpose built structures for specialised industries that require careful consideration and planning

All of Resonate Consultants’ services and projects are led by experts with vast experience in acoustic and vibration monitoring, EMF, structural dynamics and more. The quality of our work is reflected in the credentials of our staff: over 35 team members with decades of combined knowledge across international and national projects.

We take a genuine approach to all our assessments and client services. We use honesty to help your company succeed by finding gaps and issues before you know they exist. We don’t hold back on identifying problems that need fixing right away or mitigating in the future. Accompanied with effective solutions.

The different skill sets of our team – and the scale of our operations – mean you have the opportunity to work with a range of highly accomplished and knowledgeable people when delivering our services. Our staff can provide you the best expertise in noise and vibration monitoring available in Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney.

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