Marine Acoustics papers

D. Petersen, D. Jurevicius & M. Warpenius;Assessing the impacts of underwater pile driving noise on marine mammals 2011, Diverse and Developing: Proceedings of the 20th Australasian Coastal and Ocean Engineering Conference and the 13th Australasian Port and Harbour Conference, Barton, ACT

D. Petersen, A. David & D. Jurevicius; “Methodology for environmental impact assessment of underwater noise on marine mammals 2011, APPEA Journal, 467–478

D. Petersen & D. Jurevicius; “Environmental noise impact of a major transport corridor on a barramundi fish farm 2009, Australian Acoustical Society Acoustics Conference, Adelaide, Australia. CD-Rom Proceedings of ACOUSTICS 2009

A. Parker; “Underwater passive acoustic monitoringAcoustics Australia Vol. 41, No. 1, April 2013 page 115

R. Godson, A. Parker & S. Brown; “Validation of Underwater Blast Emissions Modelling in Relation to the Protection of Marine Fauna” 2012, 1st Edition, Book Rock Fragmentation by Blasting, Chapter 8

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