Defence: acoustic and vibration control solutions

Our highly regarded reputation means that we are a preferred acoustic consulting firm for acoustic and vibration control solutions across Australia when it comes to sensitive and crucial Defence projects.

A range of Defence projects

Resonate Consultants have extensive experience working on a range of Defence projects; including:

  • acoustic design of audio-secure spaces up to ASL5
  • offices, living and accommodation quarters
  • environmental reviews for both terrestrial and marine environments
  • vibrational control solutions
  • noise assessments and
  • specialist investigations associated with operational and training activities

Acoustic and vibration control capabilities

Our Defence capability also includes inspections, testing, commissioning and certification services. Staff have held independent verifier roles for acoustic design advice and have conducted habitability surveys on a number of Defence facilities.

Whilst we can’t showcase any of our work in the Defence industry due to confidentiality, you can see the high quality aspects of our work in a few of our projects:

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