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Saksham Garg is welcomed to the acoustical engineering team

After working as an acoustic services engineer and a senior engineer for multidisciplinary consultancy firms, Saksham Garg recently joined Resonate Consultants as a senior acoustic consultant. saksham garg acoustical engineering

With a background encompassing defence and power generation projects as well as building and architectural acoustics and environmental acoustical engineering, Saksham joined our award-winning acoustic consulting firm in search of a new challenge. ‘I was stuck in a pattern where I wasn’t learning anything new and I was finding that very de-motivating,’ Saksham explained. ‘Learning comes from challenge. If you’re not finding anything challenging, you’re not learning anything new.’

For Saksham, Resonate Consultants was the most logical next step in his career. After being ensconced in the South Australian acoustic space for more than half a decade, Saksham had first-hand knowledge of our practices and processes. ‘I had a basic idea about how and what Resonate Consultants were doing because I was losing projects to them,’ Saksham said. ‘I knew what they were doing in terms of workload, projects they were winning and software they were developing and that’s something that I was missing.’

Once Saksham transitioned to working with us, he quickly realised that we employed a different approach to almost every facet of operations. In particular, the way the acoustical engineering team works. At Resonate Consultants, there is no information hoarding. Rather, everyone knows what everyone is doing thanks to daily “stand-ups”. This, in turn, fosters an environment where project workloads are distributed accordingly so that no one is overloaded with work.

This particular variety of information sharing means that there is also a level of collaboration apparent across our firm. ‘In my previous roles, I was the only one reviewing projects from start to finish. With Resonate’s collaboration, it’s more freeing. The culture is one that even if it’s my project, it’s also the team’s project and everyone can work on it,’ Saksham clarified.

With speciality areas in industrial acoustics and defence, Saksham brings a unique attitude and skillset to our team. Having worked alone during the course of his career and charted his path to Australia from India without the help of family, he has the confidence and positive nature to say, ‘bring it on, I can do it.’ A mindset that means he has unending value to clients and fellow staff members.

‘Because I worked alone in the past, I have learnt to listen,’ Saksham said. ‘By not being able to ask another colleague for their opinion, the level of detail I require is second to none.’

While Saksham’s background is in defence, specifically audio security testing and compliance work, the noise modelling involved in such work holds him in good stead to collaborate on Resonate Consultants’ more commercial and residentially-focused acoustic projects.

‘I enjoy modelling a lot,’ Saksham said. ‘You start from a black box, remove layer by layer to understand the problem. That extent of modelling means that every problem is just different because every project has different variables.’

acoustical engineering saksham gargOur acoustical engineering firm’s inherently collaborative nature means that the variables uncovered during each stage of modelling can be dealt with as a team. With some of Resonate Consultants’ core values centring around ingenuity and the pursuit of improved ways of doing things and being united, encouraging this collaboration means that the entire team can stay true to key core values. ‘I enjoy working alone but also working collaboratively in order to learn something new,’ Saksham explained. ‘The moment you stop learning new things, you get left behind.’

Additionally, Saksham enjoys the flexible nature of working with Resonate Consultants and can see why it’s one of Australia’s best workplaces. ‘If you have to work from home on certain days, they are happy to accommodate that. Resonate is adapting to the new work culture really well. And this fosters more productive results and better wellbeing amongst team members.’

When Saksham isn’t delving into elements of speech privacy, acoustic compliance work or modelling, he is displaying his expertise on both sides of the cricket pitch. Enjoying games of both indoor and outdoor cricket.

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