Ziptrak® manufacturing warehouse at Tonsley

  • Date
    2020 - 2021
  • Location
    Tonsley precinct, South Australia
  • Client
    Kennett Builders
  • Project Value
    $10 million
  • Team Members
    Deb James, Alex Foster


Situated in the Tonsley precinct, Ziptrak® is a family owned South Australian company supplying proprietary indoor and outdoor blinds. The new 3500sqm development houses all manufacturing, R&D, distribution and administration in one central location.

Client Needs

Ziptrak® required the building to consolidate manufacturing, assembly, distribution and office spaces into one location. It brought together all areas: Engineering, Quality & Production, Warehouse, Finance and Marketing & Communications; improving their systems and processes.

Resonate’s Involvement

Resonate Consultants were appointed by Kennett Builders as part of their Design and Construct team to deliver the project. Resonate undertook a full acoustic design review of the proposed development, providing expert advice on issues including acoustic separation, reverberation control and internal noise levels from building services. Resonate then assisted during the construction phase to ensure the project was constructed as designed, and advising on difficult architectural and services details.

Specific challenges included achieving appropriate levels of acoustic separation between offices with the large extent of glazed partitions and reverberation control in the voluminous warehouse, fabrication and R&D areas.

Image used with permission from Ziptrak®

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