Torrens to Torrens Project T2T

  • Date
  • Location
    Adelaide, SA
  • Client
    Department of Transport, Planning & Infrastructure (DPTI) T2T Alliance
  • Project Value
    $896 Million
  • Team Members
    Darren Jurevicius

Image used with permission of Community Relations, Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure; T2T Alliance.

Project Description

The Torrens Road to Torrens River Project is part of the wider North-South Corridor Upgrade Project and delivered a 4km non-stop section of one of Adelaide’s major transport corridors and deliver improved safety and traffic efficiencies along the route.

Client Needs

The clients needs in the project were initially defined by the Department of Transport, Planning and Infrastructure (DPTI) in 2014, to then later transition to the T2T Alliance in 2015 under project completion.

Resonate’s involvement

Resonate was involved in a number of stages across this project, including concept phase noise and vibration services, preparation of the Construction Noise and Vibration Management Framework (CNVMF) and preliminary Noise Mitigation Plan (NMP).

Given the significant residential density and associated property acquisition footprint, Resonate advised DPTI on an appropriate noise policy and mitigation approach for the project. This included preliminary noise modelling and mitigation design, development of a Construction Noise and Vibration Management Framework, specialise testing and research relating to vibration impacts on heritage structures including the Croydon substation, development of a house treatment framework including standardised construction scopes of work with associated implementation costs (Resonate engaged an architect and quantity surveyor to assist with this.

Detailed noise modelling and design of mitigation measures including house treatments, assisting with the management of construction noise and vibration impacts including long term vibration monitoring, supporting community open days and on-on-one consultation, advisory support, verification of mitigation performance at project completion.


The project provided an opportunity to seek a new approach to meet the demand for cost efficiency and timeliness, treatment consistency and quality assurance; saving the alliance in consulting fees.

Resonate delivered on all of the client needs from Project inception to completion. Our involvement was significant and set the direction and precedence for future North-South Corridor Upgrade projects in relation to noise and vibration assessment, mitigation and management. As part of this Project, Resonate inspected 340 residential properties, with treatment designed for 279 properties.


To effectively deliver the house inspection and treatment design for the large number of properties, Resonate developed an online property noise mitigation and management app utilising cloud data storage, which was thought to be the first of its kind in the world.  This enabled the simultaneous web access for all project team members, thereby ensuring one common database that was always up-to-date and eliminated the need for traditional spreadsheets or the like. The app also included an automated reporting function, which standardised the reporting of inspection data, images, floor plans and noise treatment

For this, Resonate Consultants received the 2017 Association of Australian Acoustical Consultants, Hugh Vivian Taylor Award, Torrens to Torrens project, New Approach to scoping.

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