Garfield Road East Upgrade

Garfield Road East Upgrade

  • Date
    2020 - ongoing
  • Location
    Garfield Road, New South Wales
  • Client
    SMEC Australia Pty Ltd
  • Project Value
    $5.7 billion
  • Team Members
    Raymond Sim, Andrew Parker


The Garfield Road East Upgrade would involve the widening of Garfield Road East from two lanes to four lanes with two lanes in each direction and the construction of a central median along the length of the road. The central median is to accomodate a possible future upgrade to a six-lane configuration with three lanes in each direction. The proposal would would tie in to the existing road West of Piccadilly Street at about George Street and East of Windsor Road at about Alan Street.

Client Needs

As part of the proposal, Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) was required to prepare a review of environmental factors (REF) to document the likely impacts of the proposal on the environment, and to detail mitigation and management measures to be implemented.

Resonate’s Involvement

Resonate Consultants was engaged to prepare a noise and vibration impact assessment for inclusion in the proposal’s REF. The assessment conducted by Resonate determined:

  • the existing ambient noise environment surrounding the site
  • the noise impact of the operational road once its built and in the future, and
  • the construction noise and vibration impact that may be generated by the redevelopment of the road


Noise modelling of the road operation was conducted as part of the assessment where noise mitigation in the form of noise barrier and at-property architectural treatments were recommended.

Construction noise modelling was also conducted where standard and additional mitigation measures in line with TfNSW’s Construction Noise and Vibration Guideline were recommended.


State of the art GIS software was used to develop visually aesthetic noise contour maps to convey the noise impacts to TfNSW and stakeholders. This allows for better understanding of the noise impacts and the appreciation of the recommended mitigation measures.

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