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Do your acoustic consultants invest in cyber security training?

As a specialist acoustic engineering and vibration consulting business, Resonate Consultants places value on being client-centric and responsible. By clearly defining our core values, we implement ways to ensure we cyber security training acousticsare honouring them every day.

One way to ensure we are responsible is by taking cyber-attacks and cyber security seriously. While the prevalence of technology has undoubtedly made the job of acoustic consultants easier, it has also provided extra channels for data breaches to occur.

With the Australian Bureau of Statistics reporting that more than two in 10 businesses experienced a cyber security attack during the 2021-22 financial year, the prevalence of this crime is increasing each year.

For several years now, Resonate Consultants have included cyber training in our induction processes. However, to keep elements of cyber safety front of mind, we have recently implemented NINJIO’s all-in-one cyber security platform into our cyber security training.

‘As a business, it is important that we maintain a strong cyber security stance against the tactics of cybercriminals seeking to exploit our vulnerabilities. To this end, we have adopted the NINJIO platform to further develop our cyber security culture with visually engaging and easy-to-understand episodes and assessments. At times, it does feel like we are at war with cyber criminals. I love the metaphor of honing our digital self-defence to be wary and extremely skilled,’ Darren Jurevicius, Managing Director, said.

Cyber security training platform

The training platform consists of three- to four-minute videos released monthly. Created and developed by Hollywood writers, these videos are equal parts engaging and informative. To provide real-time insights to workplace administrators, there is also a short quiz at the end of each video, where, upon completion, a certificate of participation is issued. ‘The engaging and clever production of this training aligned well with our innovation value and the regularity of delivery covering real-life global scenarios ensures we stay at the forefront of information.’ Sarah Leo, Chief Operating Officer, said.

‘Cyber security is a massive risk for everybody, regardless of industry. We are doing all we can to make sure that our infrastructure is correct and that we have the right IT mechanisms in place.’

Extra measures

Along with the NINJIO platform, Resonate Consultants also underpins cyber security through relationships with external technology parties. Our IT infrastructure is supported by two independent suppliers. Recently, a third party, was also engaged to conduct an independent audit against the federal government’s Essential Eight criteria. ‘From that assessment, we worked to actually further safeguard our processes,’ Sarah added.

This is especially prudent when you consider that cybercriminals are only getting smarter and more targeted. ‘We have had some requests impersonating certain consultants and asking for signatures through DocuSign or inviting you to open tender documentation via malicious links,’ Sarah explained. ‘We started a Slack channel explicitly so we can share screenshots of the newest scams and remain alert as a team,’ she added.

With human behaviour proving to be one of the biggest failure points in cyber security, educating staff and keeping elements of cyber safety at the forefront is paramount.

Keeping clients safe

Ensuring cyber security not only works to prevent major business failures but also assures clients that we underline all processes with a steadfast commitment to providing the best services possible.cyber security training

While the average cost of a data breach in Australia is estimated to be around $3.35 million per breach, you cannot put a cost on reputational damage or clients choosing to walk away from a complacent vendor.

‘One of our key drivers for increasing cyber security training is that we want clients to know that their data is safe. While targeting can happen to anyone at any time, we have processes in place to help us avoid making mistakes,’ Sarah explained.

When it comes to a data breach, it doesn’t only impact the targeted company. Rather, the implications can be wide-reaching. For example, a breach at Resonate Consultants could result in a client receiving a fraudulent email, clicking the link, and then potentially exposing their whole business and contact lists as well. With one cybercrime being reported every seven minutes, being educated and vigilant is key.

With core values ranging from being distinctive and responsible to client-centric and innovative, our organisation is always striving for improvement. ‘By emphasising cyber security training for every team member, we can make assurances to clients that we are finding innovative and responsible ways to be cyber safe in the current landscape,’ Sarah said.

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