Government Policy & Training

Resonate staff have been a key contributor and advisor to various government agencies nationally in relation to policy and guideline development.

Our advisory has spanned the following areas:

  • Road traffic noise and vibration
  • Noise mitigation including facade treatments
  • Noise and vibration from rail infrastructure
  • Construction noise and vibration
  • Underwater noise impacts on marine mammals
  • Building code specifications for new developments sited near road or rail infrastructure
  • State planning policy
  • Council Development Plans
  • Community and stakeholder consultation (see also AuralEyes)
  • Regulation impact statements

We have provided training to state and local government agencies as well as at public seminars as part of a local government initiative to assist the public to understand noise and the various mitigation techniques available for residents living within a vibrant city environment.

Project Profiles

Local Nuisance and Litter Control Act (SA)

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