Electromagnetic Fields

Resonate offers consulting services for the control of electromagnetic fields (EMF) in the area of high resolution imaging equipment.

With experience across a wide range of sensitive building types; including nanotechnology laboratories, medical imaging and electron microscope facilities, the Resonate team has worked on several national and international projects providing specialised advice relating to electromagnetic interference and cancellation systems, electromagnetic interference surveys and advice on magnetic field shielding and cancellation systems for magnetic field sensitive instruments.

We provide this service working with our international industry partner Field Management Services , who have the capability to undertake detailed modelling of EMF throughout a proposed new development.

Our services include:

  • Measurement and prediction of ambient fields from transportation and mechanical plant
  • Design and specification of passive and active magnetic field shielding
  • Specification and design of mechanical plant isolation
  • Interpretation of environmental requirements for equipment
  • Mitigation and rectification of existing environmental problems

Project Profiles:

New Royal Adelaide Hospital

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