Laboratories & Medical Imaging

Resonate is the leading agency trusted to provide a full suite of specialist consultancy services for vibration, acoustics and electromagnetic interference for spaces that will house highly sensitive research and medical imaging equipment, as well as research spaces housing bio-resources.

Our experience ranges from the design of TEM suites or MRI rooms within existing buildings to the design of new multi-storey research buildings, and from feasibility studies through to commissioning. We work with all stakeholders through the design phase, including liaising with the operators to ensure that the design considers how they will use the equipment. Read our team blog to learn more.

Our range of services include:

  • ambient vibration, acoustic and EMF studies
  • feasibility studies
  • vibration, acoustic and EMF specification and design for new and refurbished buildings
  • assessment of potential noise and vibration impacts on bio-resources
  • continuous construction or operational monitoring with alerts
  • construction noise, vibration and EMF management plans
  • commissioning testing
  • peer review

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