Services | Sensitive Equipment Case Studies

Resonate has experience working on a wide range of sensitive building types; including nanotechnology laboratories and electron microscope facilities. Selected case studies are listed below.

University of Sydney, Sydney Nanoscience Hub – Advisor Vibration & Acoustics

The Australian Institute of Nanotechnology (AIN) is a world-class facility, accommodating research in the physical sciences with a focus on nanoscience. The building’s advanced research capability is housed alongside comprehensive facilities for student-focused undergraduate and graduate teaching and integrated with the existing heritage-listed building for the School of Physics.The research laboratories comprise high-precision designs created for specific kinds of research. They include features such as floors decoupled from the building to create an incredibly stable environment to reduce vibrations for measurement accuracy in high-precision experiments; air-conditioning that enables precise temperature stability and imperceptible airflow and electromagnetic shielding to prevent outside and unwanted interference.

As well as being involved in the reference building design, Resonate has been retained by the University of Sydney as the client advisor for vibration and acoustic services.

University of NSW – Material Science Building

Resonate was involved in peer review services associated with the vibration design of the new building and support to finite element analysis and design of vibration isolated slabs. The new Material Science and Engineering facility will consist of approximately 13,400 m2 of useable area in a 20,000 m2 GFA multi-story building that will house a variety of laboratories conducting material science research. Equipment that will be used in this facility will range in sensitivity from VC-E (for the electron microscopes) to VC-A (for other less sensitive equipment such as optical microscopes). The building contains classrooms, offices, research spaces housing heavy testing equipment and other sources of vibration such as elevators.

RMIT University, City Campus, MicroNano Research Facility (MNRF) – Vibration and Acoustics

The MNRF houses facilities for the realisation of micro- and nano-devices for fundamental and applied research in biotechnology, electronics, electromagnetics, fluidics, materials science, photonics and sensing. The facilities include a full suite of photolithography equipment, wet processing facilities, polymer processing laboratories, thin film deposition and patterning equipment, micro- and nano-metrology capabilities, and support facilities for design and packaging. The MNRF hosts the Victorian research and infrastructure node of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Ultrahigh bandwidth Devices for Optical Systems (CUDOS, CUDOS@RMIT) and the internationally-leading MicroNano Research Laboratory. Resonate’s involvement with the project included site investigation and analysis, measurements and providing recommendations for remedial mitigation.

Adelaide University – Electron Microscopy Facility

Resonate Acoustics was engaged to assess the feasibility of the relocation and expansion of the proposed Adelaide University Microscopy department. This included the addition of a number of electron microscopes including possible equipment selections of:

  • FEI Helios Nanolab Mk2 (Helios)
  • FEI Quanta FEG
  • FEI Techai 12 Sprint
  • FEI Titan G2 Low Base
  • Ntegra Solaris SNOM
  • Cameca SX Five