About | Senior Team

  • Headshot of Matthew Stead

    Matthew Stead | Chief Executive Officer

    Matthew has over 25 years of experience as a professional acoustic consultant in Australia and the USA. Specialising in acoustics and EMF, with paticular expertise in environmental noise, low vibration design, laboratories and transportation noise. He is current Chairman of the Association of Australian Acoustical Consultants (AAAC) and an ASHRAE Technical Committee Member (T2.6) for Acoustics. He remains an enthusiastic and prolific author of publications and technical papers.

  • Headshot of Darren Jurevicius

    Darren Jurevicius | Managing Director

    Darren has over 20 years of diverse project leadership experience across all sectors and has held numerous Project Director roles on a number of significant large-scale projects. He also has significant experience leading and developing multidisciplinary engineering and environmental teams/businesses in both NSW and SA. He has paticular expertise in policy and guideline development, underwater noise, transportation and construction noise and vibration. Darren is the current SA Division Chair of the Australian Acoustical Society.

  • Headshot of Deb James

    Deb James | Managing Director

    Deb brings niche expertise in the legalities and practicalities of architectural acoustics and specialist spaces; including radio, television and film studios, environmental acoustics and transportation noise. Deb excels at communication; relating to and working through acoustic requirements of a project from the initial concept and development application phases through to practical completion.

  • Headshot of Jon Cooper

    Jon Cooper | Associate Director

    Jon has 15 years of experience in the design and analysis of acoustics across a range of sectors. His strengths are his attention to detail underpinned by strong analytical skills and practical experience. With an interest in wind turbine noise and architectural spaces, his work in the areas of noise modelling accuracy, noise measurement and data analysis won the 2013 Australian Acoustical Society Award for Excellence in Acoustics.

  • Headshot of Tom Evans

    Tom Evans | Managing Director

    Tom has extensive experience in the assessment of noise and vibration across a wide range of sectors. Tom combines his strong technical understanding with excellent communication skills, and always works to understand the different technical, social and environmental constraints on a project. He enjoys assisting on multi-disciplinary projects, where specialty disciplines such as noise and vibration must work closely with the wider project team to develop practical solutions.

  • Headshot of Andrew Parker

    Andrew Parker | Associate Director

    Andrew is Practice Lead of Resonate's Sydney office and brings to the business over 10 years’ experience as a consultant in environmental acoustics and vibration. Andrew has fulfilled specialist consultant and project management roles on some of Sydney’s most high profile transport projects and has worked on a range of large commercial and industrial facilities. Andrew also has particular expertise in static and dynamic load testing of structures.

  • Headshot of Damien van Raaphorst

    Damien van Raaphorst | Associate Director

    Damien is the Practice Lead of the Melbourne office with over a decade of experience as an acoustic consultant in both Australia and Europe. He has worked on large renewable energy projects including wind farms and hydroelectricity schemes. He has also been involved with large building projects, including for the Australian Government departments.

  • Headshot of Keith Hewett

    Keith Hewett | Principal Acoustic Consultant

    Keith has 20 years experience in this specialist field. He has worked on a wide variety of building and infrastructure projects covering both public and private sectors on a local, regional, national and international scale. Each of these projects has required attention to superior acoustic performance and delivered successfully. Keith understands and considers the competing pressures of other disciplines and stakeholders resulting in a strong motivation to arrive at truly integrated acoustic design solutions.

  • Headshot of Emmet English

    Emmet English | Director, Dublin

    Emmet heads up Resonate’s European operations in Dublin. He has experience in all market sectors and specialises in the fields of environmental and building acoustics, vibration and structural dynamics. Emmet has a PhD in acoustics from South Hampton University. Since completing his PhD, Emmet has gained experience across various acoustic projects in destinations as varied as North America, Australia, Europe and the Middle East.

  • Headshot of Emmet English

    Nick Henrys | Practice Leader Adelaide

    Nick joined Resonate's Adelaide office after working as an acoustic consultant in Auckland, having provided specialist acoustic advice on some of New Zealand's largest transportation projects. He also has a wealth of building acoustic experience including high profile airport, education, commercial and health projects. Nick has also been involved in research of wind turbine noise and road traffic noise and has published several conference papers.