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Site Inspection Tools

Resonate have developed online tools to store site inspection information and automatically generate reports and specifications from that data. The tool allows the consultant on site to take photos, add comments, select treatment options and upload to a cloud-based project management system which then generates condition reports and specifications for builders.

The construction site inspection tool allows consultants to take photos and add notes on site, which is stored together for ease of reference and gives context to the site data.

Geographic Information System (GIS)

GIS is a computer tool that captures, stores, analyses and displays geographically referenced information. Resonate uses this system to produce high quality outputs for clients, with improved visibility of environmental noise modelling outputs and for presenting information about recommended treatments.

Logger Plot Server

Resonate developed in-house tools to produce higher quality outputs and graphs of results from environmental noise logging. The logger plot server is capable of performing calculations from weeks of data and condensing into a single table that summarises the results.