Project Profile

O-Bahn City Access Project

Location: Adelaide, SA || Client: Department of Transport, Planning & Infrastructure (DPTI) || Project value: $160 Million
Date: 2015 – 2017

Key team members

Greg Barry, Matthew Stead, Sam Fotheringham

Project Description

The O-Bahn City Access Project will improve travel times and reliability for users of the O-Bahn service and reduce traffic congestion and delays. The project includes the creation of priority bus lanes and a dedicated 670 metre bus tunnel, providing quicker, more reliable access for O-Bahn buses into the city.

Client Needs

The client required noise and vibration monitoring to reduce the risk of disturbance to nearby residents, public annoyance and damage to structures from the construction works.

Resonate's involvement

Resonate were engaged to undertake an operational noise assessment to predict the noise impact from buses using the tunnel and the ventilation system. For the construction phase, Resonate developed a detailed Noise and Vibration Monitoring Schedule and represented the client at stakeholder engagement meetings. Post-completion, commissioning testing of the tunnel ventilation system was undertaken to ensure minimal disturbance to parklands users and local residents.


As a result of the noise and vibration monitoring program, the project was able to be delivered without delay and is scheduled to open in December 2017.